Who are we?

Construction, Civil Works and Infrastructure

Baupanel Maferman is the UK  arm of the Bau Group of Companies, that has been established since 2003. The company’s objective in the UK is to carry out civil works, underground and above ground infrastructure, railways and services, including electricity by building electric substations, using the Baupanel Building System, which is also used for new housing and general construction.

Infrastructure 86%
Public and Commercial Buildings 78%
Housing 92%

British Company

Baupanel Maferman is a British company with offices in London, from where both commercial and production work are managed.

European Quality

Baupanel System is manufactured in Spain, in compliance with all EU quality standards.

Built using Baupanel
Countries around the world

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Civil Works & Infrastructure

Baupanel is currently used in Civil Works and Infrastructure, through it’s use below and above ground in the construction of tunnels, roads, electrical substations. The systems versatility and adaptability mean that is can be used for almost any part of construction.


Baupanel System is used in the construction of housing projects all over the world. This is due to the low cost, fast build and robust nature of the system, as well as being, seismic and hurricane and fire resistant.

Bau Panel Building System

We are manufacturers of the Baupanel® construction system and provide engineering support to all our projects and clients.
Baupanel Building System

by Baupanel Maferman

Baupanel Building System

Safe and Versatile

Through the innovative construction system that is Baupanel, we  meet all the needs of our clients, both structurally and for  insulation. The system is easy to work with, and it has been developed to optimize the use of reinforced concrete, and the wavy expanded polystyrene (EPS). This means that we can offer high strength integrity required together with perfect insulation,  that ensures the system is valid for any type of construction.

This system, which has been used all around the world, and has substantial load resistance and it presents a very high water, noise, temperature and fire insulation capacity. Its versatility allows it to be used as for anything in the construction industry from infrastructure to buildings and homes. When used for constructing buildings and homes, using the Baupanel system creates a monolithic structure, and thus making it hurricane and  seismic-resistant.

Economical and Efficient

The Baupanel system is so versatile that it allows architects to be more flexible and creative in their designs,  with the aim of not only creating beautiful buildings but also those that are cost effective,  whilst at the same time being a more efficient, ecological and sustainable.

The Baupanel system can also be used to for  of facades/envelopes, its a fast and economical solution that provides an excellent thermal insulation, converting the building to achieve a class A energy efficient rating. The facades can be used  can be on the exterior or interior  of a building to provide additional  thermal insulation. It can also provide further strength when used for the interior of the structure.